Black Tie Colorado wrote: The evening began with a silent auction and reception, augmented by the irresistible aroma of smoked meats that lured guests outdoors to grab all the fixin’s for a hearty prime-rib dinner. Delicious chow prepared by the Coors Cowboy Club “Chuckwagon Crew” from Amarillo, Texas, was augmented by a spirited, 90-minute dinner performance by Tony David, Pam Hughes and Kerry Edwards. KOA radio’s Steffan Tubbs emceed a pre-concert program that honored hard-working event co-directors Bo and Lynne Cottrell, plus the support of Groves, Miles Cortez and Jake Jabs. TAPS founder Bonnie Carroll spoke about the positive results of the organization’s programs, including the Good Grief Camp held at Fort Carson. One young survivor spoke eloquently about the brother she lost, while another youngster released a balloon containing a note to his fallen father.

Other than American Furniture, TriWest Healthcare Alliance, has been our longest and most loyal supporter and we owe them a big debt of gratitude as well! Not only have they stepped up every year to be a major sponsor but every year they jump in with a huge donation in our live auction…like $48,000 just this year to co-partner on the Barbecue and Tony David, Pam Hughes and Kerry Edwards entertainment for the Fort Carson Grief Camp again. We salute them for their support of TAPS and all our military. They are true heroes as well. Lynne and Bo Cottrell.